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Malnutrition effects many cancer patients

The Service

The nutritional needs and tastes of people undergoing chemotherapy change, and many cancer patients end up sicker because of malnutrition issues. Our service will cater to this and help these people attain a better quality of life.  We offer nutritious meals during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  

The Story

The founder of Meals For Margo has a strong and personal interest in the research surrounding the studies being done on nutrition and cancer. Like many, her life has been touched by friends and family with a cancer diagnosis and the focus on care turned to nutrition and cooking for cancer.

The Mission

 Between 50 to 80 percent of cancer patients experience nutritional issues, and malnutrition is the second highest diagnosis in cancer patients.  Eating during cancer treatments is challenging. People often feel sick through the course of chemotherapy. There are ways to overcome the lack of appetite and also a means to building up protein during that time. It takes time, effort, work, and focus. That’s where we come in. 

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